“Over the past couple of years I have had the great honor and privilege of training with Professor James Hundon. Under his guidance I have learned more in the last two years then my previous 29 years in Martial Arts.”
by Tim Richards, Owner Peace of Mind - Holistic Fitness, Wellness, and Self-Defense in San Francisco

Having been involved in the martial arts for 30 years I have seen with and trained with some of the very best in the world - and Professor Hundon is one of the greatest I have seen. Humble, patient and incredibly gifted as a teacher he combines skill and passion for the arts with the ability to apply them combatively. Training with the Professor has really lifted my overall game and I am honored to call him teacher, friend and brother - you will not find better in the city
-Jay Cooper

“Your program deals with all manners of physical threats and aggression. Your training methods are designed so those even those without martial arts training can attain a reasonable level of self defense capability. We feel fortunate to have benefited from your training and highly recommend your program to others.”
by Milo Fanene, CCPI, CPMC Security Enterprise Manager, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

“It is my opinion that Professor Hundon is one of the most well rounded and knowledgeable instructors I have ever known. I would highly recommend Professor Hundon as a consultant for defensive tactics, security or dignitary protection training.”
by Ken McMCullum, Deputy Sheriff, Alameda County, CA

“James Hundon has the best martial arts school and people in San Francisco.”
by Master Khalid H. Khan, Holder of Certificate #13 in Serrada Eskrima Under Grandmaster Angel Cabales

“We are very enthusiastic about Professor Hundon, his abilities as an instructor; his commitment to his profession and students; and his dedication and genuine interest in assuring every officer become more proficient in defensive tactics and street survival techniques upon completion of the course. I would recommend him without reservations.”
by John McCoy, California Narcotics Officers’ Association Training Coordinator, Alameda County, CA

“I had to employ Professor Hundon’s self defense techniques when I was attacked by multiple assailants. His self defense tactics have been proven in practice - I am living proof of that. I believe any law enforcement/security personnel would benefit greatly from his course.”
by Russell Lee, Prosecuting Attorney (Retired) Department of Justice, Oakland, CA

Professor Hundon has developed a unique system that successfully and smoothly integrates knowledge from several disciplines. I have been attending the Serrada and Small Circle Ju Trap Boxing classes on a weekly schedule for over 18 months and have experienced improvements in my footwork, balance, and sensitivity. I am also becoming much more relaxed and efficient. With these improvements, I am able to apply the various techniques more smoothly and accurately while staying protected. The focus is generally on NOT getting hit rather than hitting, using the opponents energy to your advantage, and gaining control of the situation.
Prof. Hundon and his top instructors are able to teach in a variety of ways to help students grasp concepts. The facility is clean and organized. The historical and philosophical components are included for those who show interest. The art is pragmatic and grounded in real-world experience. The emphasis is certainly on defense in the beginning, but dedicated students will eventually see that what is soft is hard, what is slow is fast, and that defense is also offense.
Whether you are a prospective student just starting out or a skilled martial artist looking to improve your efficiency, timing, or balance, you owe it to yourself to take at least a few classes at UMAA.
-Andrew Hageman