By Professor James Hundon
The Insane Dance of Pain
(The Art of Discouragement)

Born from the roots of Small Circle Jujitsu; Bruce Lee's Jun Fan and Jeet Kune Do; Sanuces Ryu; and Boxing, Professor Hundon's approach gives you a framework for applying locking techniques in real life. This is important because without a basic understanding of how to get into close range with your opponent on your terms - you will not be able to use locking effectively. 
Small Circle Ju Trap Boxing gives you a broad range of options: striking, trapping, and locking -- built on a solid foundation of fighting science -- that can be woven seamlessly together into an appropriate level of response to all types of situations. 
These training methods are a part of the foundation from which to understand where the entry points are for realistic locking. They also help to develop timing, sensitivity and the ability to transition through ranges.
Small Circle Ju Trap Boxing is the continuing evolution of Small Circle Jujitsu and Jeet Kune Do -- both of which originally evolved side by side through the working relationship of their founders Wally Jay and Bruce Lee. Professor Hundon comes from deep within both lineages, and feels privileged to be able to further the path of fusing these approaches to self defense and personal growth.

Small Circle Ju Trap Boxing is the evolution of Small Circle Jujitsu

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